Hi, I'm Amber! I'm married to my college sweetheart and we have 4 beautiful (and crazy) children together. We love spending family time together - either at our home in the country or exploring beautiful sites in Michigan.

I've always loved taking photos and when my first child was born I was determined to document every important moment in her life with photos! My husband bought me my first "nice" camera and I was thrilled to learn and practice.

When my grandma passed away I started going through photos I had of her. I noticed that I was drawn to the candid photos of her with her family. There was two photos in particular of her with her grandchildren. One was a perfectly posed photo and one was a photo of all of us looking at each other and laughing together. As I looked at that photo I remembered the sound of her laugh and how much fun we had together. That's when I realized I needed to stop trying to get picture perfect poses, and focus on authentic photos so I can capture memories like that for my clients.

I love working with entrepreneurs, influencers, and business owners! My clients continually inspire me with their creativity and desire to help their clients. I love helping them through their personal branding sessions to create authentic photos that will help them connect with and build trust among their followers and save them valuable time each quarter.